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Financing in Mount Vernon, IN

When purchasing a vehicle or RV at Gerton Auto Sales Inc., you have 2 payment options: paying cash or getting a loan.

Aside from being the simplest way to pay for your purchase, paying cash gives you the best financing terms you will ever get. By paying cash, you avoid paying the interest payments that you must pay on a loan.

Loans are an agreement to lend you money for the right to charge an interest rate on that money as it is paid back. Gerton Auto Sales Inc. works with several lenders. Some of these lenders may specialize in a particular type of vehicle or only make loans within a certain geographical area. Please contact John Gerton to discuss your financial needs and we will do our best to match your needs with one of our lenders. Please note: Gerton Auto Sales Inc.DOES NOT do any in-house nor Buy-Here/Pay-Here financing.

For Late-Model vehicles and RVs, we have several lender choices based upon factors such as your geographic location and qualifications. These lenders allow us to assist you through our dealership.

Collector Vehicle financing is offered through JJ Best Banc and Woodside Credit. Gerton Auto Sales is a preferred dealer with both of these institutions. You will, however, work directly with the lender once we negotiate your purchase. At that point, we will put you in contact with the lender and provide them with the documentation they need from us. While this is a simple process and these lenders are easy to work with, it does add a few days to your purchase to allow for mailing of documents requiring your signature.

No matter which option you choose, we will do our best to help you purchase the vehicle or RV of your dreams! Don't hesitate! Contact us today.

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