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Sell Your Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, or RV!

Here at Gerton Auto Sales Inc., we are always on the lookout for fresh inventory. Every day we have clients ask us to purchase their vehicle, even when they are not in the market to replace it at this time. Maybe there is an extra vehicle in the driveway after a kid has gone off to college, or a loved one has reached the point in life that they are no longer driving. Maybe it's just time to down size and say goodbye to that reliable old friend. No matter the reason, we will always be happy to look at your vehicle and make an offer to purchase it, if it is a unit we can use.

Give us a call today, or better yet, email some clear photos and a description to and we will get back with your promptly. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER IN ADDITION TO YOUR EMAIL.

If we like what we see, we will make you a fair wholesale offer on your vehicle based upon its condition, mileage, and the current market. We make it easy! No ads to place and pay for! No strangers coming to your house or calling at odd hours! No waiting for the potential buyer to sell his car first or get a loan! Best of all, no wondering if the money is good! You give us a good vehicle with a clear title and we give you a check and a few documents. Real simple!

Still owe money on the vehicle? Normally, that's not a problem, but please call us in advance so we can discuss your particular situation.

With rare exception (rare or unusual collector cars, "barn-find" collectibles, historically significant units, etc.) we do not purchase units that are not currently running and drivable. If you are not sure about your particular vehicle, call us anyway and we can discuss it.
Sorry, but we do not purchase ATV's or non-licenseable dirt bikes, boats/watercraft, medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses, or racing vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: Selling a vehicle on an "open title" (a title that just bears the signature of the prior owner with no listed buyer) is a felony in Indiana and other states. You MUST be the registered owner of the vehicle you are selling or the documented legal representative of the registered owner to legally dispose of the vehicle. If you have purchased a vehicle on an open title, you must first register that vehicle in your name before offering it for sale.

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